Canada's International Involvement between 1950-2011

  • Gouzenko Affair

  • Period: to

    Canada's Foriegn Involvement After WW II

  • Canada joins United Nations

  • Iron Curtain Speech beginning of Cold War

  • Berlin Airlift

  • Canada joins NATO

  • Canada enters the Korean War

  • The Suez Crisis

    In 1956 Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. This action by Eygpt antagonized the British and French who then attacked Eygpt. The UN asked Canada to keep the peace. Under the leadership of Canadian Lester Pearson, who created the first ever UN peacekeeping force, peace was achieved. Pearson later was awarded the Noble Prize for Peace.
  • Canada Joins NORAD

  • Canadian Peace-Keepers in Cyprus

  • Canada recognizes Communist China

  • Canada enters the Gulf War

  • Cold War ends

  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia

  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Somalia

  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Rowanda

  • War on Terror

  • Canada with NATO enters Afghanistan