Canada in the cold war

  • Igor Gouzenko

    Igor Gouzenko
    Soviet cipher clerk that defected steeling 109 documents that said that there was Soviet espionage in the west.
  • The Berlin Airlift

    The Berlin Airlift
    The soviets cut off the westerns allies railways to Berlin so that they be forced to let the soviets to provide food and suppies to them. But the western allies instead start to fly tones of air craft over carrying tones of suppiles and food to Berlin.
  • NATO

    A group of countries band together and agreed to protect each other in respones to any attack by any external enemy.
  • Colombo Plan

    Colombo Plan
    A idea that came from the Commonwealth Conference the idea was to build up a basic coperation that international industeries could permote to help the people.
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    A war between the Republic of Korea() and Democratic People's Republic of Korea because of the political division of Korea. The United states supported the Republic of Korea so that facisum would not keep traveling if Korea fell to it.
  • Avro Arrow

    Avro Arrow
    Canadain made air craft was to be one of the fastest intercepter of its time. Then it was suddly cancel while they were starting there test progam
  • DEW

    A line of radar station across the northern arctic of Canada and Alaska to detect in coming Soviet aircraft.
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    The Suez canal is blocked off so major oil shipment can't get throught. Then Israel invades Egypt shortly after britain and France side with Israel and start bombing Egypt. Russia threatens nuclear war. Canada playing a nutral part in this and talkes to each country eventural a agreement comes along and the Suez Canal is opened again and we send peacekeepers to watch over the area.
  • Hungarian Revolution

    Hungarian Revolution
    A revolte againest the People's Republic of Hungary and there imposed policies from Soviet Russia. Started as a student demisstaion it hit the radio and quickly spread through hungery and the goverment fell. by the end of october the fight was neraly over.

    A partenership between Canada and the United States to provide aerospace warnings to protect the two counties
  • Rise of the Berlin wall

    Rise of the Berlin wall
    Built by the German Democratic Republic to cut them sevles off from East Berlin to protect there people from the facist on the other sides.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The united states found that the Soviets were building missle basees in cuba so they blocked off cubia and demanded that the soviets stop sending dangours equpment there.
  • peacekeeping in Cyprus

    peacekeeping in Cyprus
    The United Nations sent peackeeper into Cyprus to stop the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots fighting and restor law and order to there normnal condisions
  • The Summit Series

    The Summit Series
    The summit series was where the first compution between the Soviets and Canadains happened in the eightth game of the sieries where Canada won.
  • Nicaragua

    There was a violent uprising by the FSLN witch took control of the goverment. Then after this changed there forigen policy for Nicaragua and the Uninted States.
  • Strategic Defense Initiative

    Strategic Defense Initiative
    A space base program to protect the United States from nuclear ballistic missiles
  • Fall of the berlin wall

    Fall of the berlin wall
    When ther berlin wall was finally taken down and it was no long east and west berlin.