Canadian Conflict and Cooperation

  • World War 1 (-1)

    World War 1 (-1)
    After Germany’s raid of Belgium, the British declare war on Germany and Canada is a part of the British so they go to war as well. Great Britain declared war on Germany and all it’s dependant countries are involved as well which are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa. The US declared it neutral and the Canadian Government passed a war act which suspended some civil rights for Canadians. Canada didn't gain anything from this war and was just used as backup for britain.
  • Balfour Report (+2)

    Balfour Report (+2)
    The independent countries adopted the Balfour report saying the dominions of Canada are free and equal from britain. The dependent countries had a meeting in London to address their relationship with Britain, where they decided that Britain shouldn’t be making decisions for them and they should be equal. This document was the first document to modern commonwealth. This quickly led to a Canadian foreign policy. Without this document, Canada would still be considered part of Britain.
  • Canadian Citizen Act (+2)

    Canadian Citizen Act (+2)
    The Canadian act is passed saying a Canadian citizen no longer has to identify as British.The act allowed residents of Canada to obtain citizenship regardless of their country of origin. Before, residents of Canada were considered British subjects rather than Canadian citizens. The government hoped that the act eliminated racial and ethnic problems and how to obtain the citizenship and stated circumstances where it could be revoked or lost. This was Canada's form of independence from Britain.
  • Gulf War (+2)

    Gulf War (+2)
    Canada hasn’t gone to war since the Korean war and is engaging in the Persian Gulf War. Iraq was controlled by a dictator named Saddam Hussein who accused Kuwait of stealing oil .It was an excuse for Iraq to invade Kuwait.Canada joined 3 other countries in case Saddam ignored orders and was allowed to use force against Iraq. Iraqi troops started to withdraw from kuwait and Saddam stayed in power. Canada maintained allies and oil from kuwait after the war earning (+2)
  • Anti-Terrorism Mission (+2)

    Anti-Terrorism Mission (+2)
    Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien announces that Canada has now joined other countries in an Anti-Terrorism mission in Afghanistan.This was the longest war that Canada has had since the Korean war. More than 40,000 troops served in this war and the war overall killed 165 canadians- 158 Canadians and 7 civilians. This war took place from 2001-2014. Canada’s campaign was multifaceted with air, land and sea forces. Canada was needed by their allies and provided support where they were needed.