California Gold Rush Vs. E-commerce

  • E-mail was invented

    helped business by making communication easier
  • The Microsoft Corporation was founded

    The Microsoft Corporation helped businesses
  • Apple Computers was invented

    helped businesses do their business faster
  • MODEM was invented

    it allowed two microcomputers to exchange files with each other over a phone line
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is introduced

    More advanced form of email
  • The World Wide Web

    Helped businesses create websites for their company and get the word out
  • WebTV is introduced

    New way for people to watch tv over the web
  • bubble bursts

    majority of dot.coms burned throught after seizing control
  • 1 billion PCs been sold

    More people have the ability to see the business's websites
  • Youtube was invented

    helped businesses make persuasive videos to get costumers to buy their merchandise