Calc BC Journal

  • Parametric/polar Review

    Parametric/polar Review
    I have a good understanding of parametric and polar equations. The only polar wquations I can recognise are lines, circles, and cardiods, but I don't think its absolutely critical to know the equation for a lemniscate.
  • Period: to

    Calc BC Journal

  • Integration Review

    Integration Review
    I have few issues with basic integration at this point. I'll need to put in the effort to commit the derivatives of arcsin, arcsec, etc. to memory, but I am very comfortable with the material otherwise.
  • Differential Equations Review

    Differential Equations Review
    I have forgotten the more complex methods of solving differential equations, but I am very comfortable with basic equations and solving for exponential and logistic growth functions. I expect that we are not done reviewing differential equations anyway.
  • Practice Test Free Response

    Practice Test Free Response
    I felt comfortable with all of today's problems. Working with a partner really slows things down, though. We spent too much time discussing the problem when I knew what to do and could've gone straight to solving it.
  • Practice Test Free Response Part II

    Practice Test Free Response Part II
    Today, an algebraic error took up about 10 minutes of my time during the free response. By that time I had finished the rest of the questions and had about 20 minutes left in class. Had it not been for that error, I would have breezed through it.
  • L'Hoptial's rule, integration, etc.

    L'Hoptial's rule, integration, etc.
    Although I always forget when to use long division to help me integrate, all other methods that are tested including integration by parts, partial fractions, etc come easily to me. L'hoptial's rule is straightforward; I think that I should be able to look at a form and remember whether or not its indeterminant (on the AP problems we've had its always been infinity over infinity anyway).
  • Practice Test Debrief

    Practice Test Debrief
    I got 65 points, and if I had done all of the multiple choice (I didn't get to 11 problems) and had finished the third free response problem (I work much faster solo), I would have just made it into '5' range. I didn't have any problem finishing on time last year, so it shouldn't be an issue this time. I missed most of the trickiest problems. I need to review the limit definition of the integral and taylor series, though. I was clueless on questions on those topics.
  • Taylor Series Assignment

    Taylor Series Assignment
    I had some difficulties with converting functions to power series, but Sarah cleared some things up for me and I now remember that I need to change the function into the form a/(1-r). Had little difficulty otherwise.
  • Applications of integration

    Applications of integration
    A discussion of the formulas for the shell and disc methods was very useful, I kept finding throughout the year that I had forgotten them. To use the disc method, the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the representative rectangles, and the area of each disc is pi(r^2), and r=f(x). To use the shell method, the axis of rotation is parallel, and the surface area of each shell is 2(pi)(r)(h), r=x and h=f(x). I'm comfortable the rest of the material from that day.

    Went very nicely. During the walk the day before, I met some gnomes living in the ancient wood of Towson High campus, and they shared some ancient calculus lore with me that I found really useful. Seriously though, they extensive review in class was really helpful, and I only had trouble with three or four problems on test day. It was a painless experience