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  • The creation of the band.

    Saul Hernandez, Sabo Romo, Diego Herrera and Juan Carlos Novelo created the band Caifanes in January of 1987.
  • First presentation

    Their first presentation as a band was in Rockotitlan in April 11th 1987. With Jorge "El gato" Arce in the drums instead of Juan Carlos Novelo.
  • Debut album release

    In 1988 their debut album Caifanes was released.
  • Member addition

    Alejandro Marcovich joined the band as leader guitar in 1989.
  • Album release

    As a 5 person band with Marcovich, the albums Caifanes.Volumen II, known as El Diablito, and El silencio were released.
  • Member loss

    In 1993 two members leave the band (Romo and Herrera).
  • Album release

    As a trio now, the album El Nervio del Volcan is released in 1994.
  • Retirement

    After the different problems and differences between members Hernandez and Marcovich, the band finally separates in 1995.
  • Reconciliation

    In 2011 after 16 years of being separated, the band reunites with five members.
  • Member loss again

    In 2014, without official news of problems arising with members Hernandez and Marcovich, a statement is released by the band. In which it says that the band will stay conformed by the original four members, without Marcovich.
  • New single

    In 2019, a new single was released "Heridos". Which gives us hope that new discographic material will be released in the future.