• DAC created

    early CAD system, developed by GE, could scan in diagrams and manipulate/modify in the computer
  • Sketchpad is Invented

    Sketchpad is Invented
    Developed by Ivan Sutherland . Users could use a light pen to draw on the computer's monitor. Considered world's first CAD software.
  • First commercially available CAD system produced

    First commercially available CAD system produced
    by Digigraphics division of Control Data Corporation, each unit was $500,000, very few units sold
  • 3D CAD software research

    3D CAD software research
    serious research into this field began in Cambridge University's Computing Laboratory by Charles Lang and his team
  • Integrated Computer Systems formed

    Integrated Computer Systems formed
    founded by Dr. Hanratty and 7 coworkers, CAD modeling, not very popular, people didn't like programming languaged used
  • ADAM CAD software released

    MCS, a company developed by Hanratty, released the ADAM CAD software, (automated drafting and machining) which was used as the core of most commercial CAD systems
  • Synthavision is Invented

    Synthavision is Invented
    The first 3D solid modeling program, SynthaVision from MAGI (Mathematics Application Group, Inc.) was released in 1972, used for measuring nuclear radiation exposure instead of for CAD
  • CATIA is Released

    CATIA is Released
    CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application, developed by French aerospace company Avions Marcel Dassault, still is the most commercially successful CAD softare program in use today.
  • VAX computers emerge

    VAX computers emerge
    VAX computer line emerges, first performace computer that can run CAD software without extra cooling or power systems
  • PADL solid modeler released

    PADL solid modeler released
    PADL (Part and Assembly Description Language) solid modeler released, later used in 3D CAD software in 1980s. Developed by Herb Voelcker
  • IGES agreed apon

    IGES agreed apon
    With CAD becoming more commericially popular, Boeing, General Electric and the NBS agreed to commence the first implementation of IGES, which facilitated transfer of 3D features from one CAD software to another
  • Unigraphics releases CAD

    Unigraphics releases CAD
    It later becomes an important competitor, backed by GE
  • Autodesk is founded

    Autodesk is founded
    Autodesk, founded in 1982 by John Walker, demonstrates the first CAD software for PCs, "AutoCAD Release 1", in November 1982.
  • AutoCAD release 1

    released by Autodesk
  • CAD over Paper

    CAD over Paper
    Boeing saves time and resources by only using CATIA, not paper to draft its next airplane
  • Solidworks founded

    Solidworks founded
    The first consumer friendly, affordable 3D CAD software available to the public.
  • AutoCAD 2000i

    AutoCAD 2000i
    Autodesk released AutoCAD 2000i in mid 2000 which was their first Web enabled CAD software and provided the ability to output drawings that could be viewed with a Web browser