Burundi Genocide

  • Constitution

    New constitution was adopted
  • Presidential election

    Melchior Ndadaye(hutu) elected president
  • Peace Accord

    Peace accord signed between Habyarimana and the Rwandan Patriot Front(RPF)Tutsi refugees in Uganda. the RPF's aim was to secure their right to return to their homeland
  • Assasination

    presidet Ndadaye assasinated by Tutsi soldiers
  • Massacre

    In revenge some members massacre Tutsis which claimed about 300,00 lives
  • Presidential election

    Cyprien Ntaryamira elected new president
  • Killings

    killings began in early April of 1994 and continued for about 100 days
  • Genocide Sparked

    Genocide sparked by the death of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana(Hutu) when his plane was shot down above Kigali airport
  • campaign of retribution

    Leaders of the political opposition were killed imediately
  • mass murder

    police officers encouraged Hutu civilians to murder their Tutsi neighbors. This Hutu crowd was 30,000 strong.
  • Kigali

    RPF captured Kigali
  • Zaire(Dem. Rep. of the Congo)

    after RPF "won" 2 million Hutus fled to Zaire
  • president

    Hutu Pasteur Bizimungu set to be president while Tutsi Mr. Kagame as the Deputy
  • Hutu 'president' charged

    Bizimungu was jailed on charges of inciting ethnic violence, while Mr Kagame became president.
  • invasions

    since the government has been controlled by the Tutsis there has been 2 invasions on the Hutus.