Building a German Nation

  • Germany

    Late 1800s, Germany raised tariffs of the new German empire were determined to maintain economic strength as well as military power.
  • Impact of Napoleon

    Impact of Napoleon
    1807-1812, Napoleon made important territoral changes in German-speaking lands.
  • Benefits...

    1890s, Germans had health and accident insurance as well as old-age insurance to provide retirement benefits.
  • William II and Bismarck

    William II and Bismarck
    William II shocked Europe by asking the dominating Bismarck to resign.
  • Prussian Leadership

    Prussian Leadership
    Prussia created an economic union called the Zollverein.
  • Frankfurt Assembly

    Frankfurt Assembly
    Liberals meet in the Frankfurt Assembly agian to demand German political unity.
  • New Nations

    New Nations
    1850-1860 Germans had founded large compaines and built many railroads.
  • King William

    King William
    King William I made Bismarck prime minister, chancellor.
  • Attack Austria

    Attack Austria
    Bismarck invented an excuse to attack Austria.
  • Franco-Prussian War

    Franco-Prussian War
    A growing rivalry between the two nation led to the Franco-Prussian War
  • Social Democratic Party

    Social Democratic Party
    1870s, German Marxists had organized the Social Democratic party, which called for parliamentary democrancy and laws to improve conditions for the working class.
  • Second Reich

    Second Reich
    German nationalists celebrated the birth of the Second Reich, or empire.
  • Hall of Mirrors

    Hall of Mirrors
    German princes gathered in the glittering Hall of Mirrors at the French palace of Versailles.
  • Building Factories

    Building Factories
    1871-1914 the business tycoon August Thyssen built a small steel factory of 70 workers into a giant empire with 50,000 employees,
  • Reorganizing the banking system

    Reorganizing the banking system
    German government promoted economic development, issuing a single currency for Germany and reorganizing the banking system.
  • William II

    William II
    William II succeeded his grandfather as kaier.
  • William II and Bismarck

    Kaiser William II shocked Europe by asking the dominating Bismarck to resign.