• 454

    BC. Gautama finishes Hinduism studies, and is disatisfied.

    After studying the Ancient Hindu traditions for six years, Price Gautama returned, disatisfied that Hinduism was the path to remove suffering. After living both in 'Luxury' and 'Denial', he was certain that there must be a better way to live.
  • 454

    BC. Enlightment.

    One day in May that year, the solution to he thought came to him in a flash. This was Enlightment, and Prince Gautama had found the 'Middle Path', between Pleasure and Deprivation. He from then on was know by his followers as the 'Buddha" or "the Enlightened One'.
  • 460

    BC. Buddhism was founded by Prince Siddhartha Gautama in India after he felt Enlightment.

    Prince Gautama was part of the Indian Royal Family during approximately 400-500 BC. He lived in a palace that was pleasant and safe and was unknown to the outer city. One dayat around 29 years old, he ventured outside the palace and was sick with grief at what he saw; a frail, old man on his deathbed lying in the street. The texts say that the next day he met a man who had taken the Hindu Path of Knowledge and was very peaceful. (Next Box)
  • BC

    (Continued). Gautama decided he would leave his family and the palace, just before his 30th birthday, and study the path of Hinduism.
  • BC. Approximately 300- 400 after Gautamas Death, the first Buddhist

  • Period: to 454

    BC. Teachings of Buddhism.

    For the next 45 years, Prince Gautama taught anyone who wanted to learn the ways of Buddhism. He died at the age of 80, and his religion has blossomed since.