Britts timeline

  • charles babbage

    Built the first auomatic calculator
  • Herman hollerith

    created the hollerith tabulating machine
  • Z1 computer

    -mechanical caculator
    -included control unit and seprate memory functions
  • 1st generation computers

    used vaccum tubes to store data
  • Introduction of the GUI

    never sold commercially
    came with network and a mouse
  • 2nd generation computers

    used transistors to store data
  • 3rd generation computers

    used integrated circuits
  • Basic

  • 4th generation computers

    used microprocessor chip
  • altair computer

    the first person computer
  • bill gatess

    Wrote interpeter program and sold altair
  • steve jobs

  • Apple II

    built buy steve jobs and steve woziniak
    operatig sytem stored in ROM
  • visicalc

    included disk drives in personal comuers set off an explosion of software applications
  • wordstar

    Word processing
  • osborne computer

    Built overnight successfully
    5 inch screen
  • pagemaker

  • excel

  • Mosiac

    caused 350% increase in internet traffic
  • netscape

    in 1998 netscape became an open source