British rule over Inida

  • British rule over India

    British rule over India
    British rule in the India was worst thing which could happen to any country. The british empire started its empire as pirrates, it looted, destroyed and invaded several kingdoms within India and last battle was in 1857 when last mughal emperor was deposed thus putting an end of 1000 years of Muslim rule in India. India back then was 2nd biggest economy in the world contributing 22% to the overal world GDP, by the time british left it was less than 0.1%, slavery, poverty was everywhere then.
  • Gandhi Ji

    Gandhi Ji
    Gandhi Ji from Gurat (India) was and still is one of the most famous peacefull politicians.historians say, Gandhi proved that one man has the power to take on an empire, using both ethics and intelligence.Gandhi fought for India's independence when the british ruled India but the special thing wa he always took the peacefull path and never took the voilent way to achieve freedom from the british rule. He impacted the world by showing that sucees can be achiened in a peafull manner.