British Reforms

  • India Act 1858

    India Act 1858
    "Jewel in the Crown" of the British Empire
    India became the first part of that Empire to gain independence
    1858- Government of India Act placed India under direct British rule
    1935- Government of India Act which established a federal structure in India
    1892- Dadabhai Naoroji, a cotton trader, was elected Liberal MP for Finsbury Central.
    1946- the Government sent a Cabinet Mission to India to discuss and finalize plans for transfer of power from the British Raj to Indian leadership
  • India Counicls Act 1892

    India Counicls Act 1892
    1861- Indian constitution came into existence
    1885- Indian National Congress was formed
    1888- Ord Dufferin made a frontal attack on congress
    1890- The Conservative Ministry in England intorduced the bill to House of Lords
    three separate presidencies (Madras, Bombay and Bengal) were brought into a common system
    1859- Canning was introduced to the Protfolio System
    1862- Canning nominated three Indians to his legislative council
  • India Councils Act 1909

    India Councils Act 1909
    -Known as Morely-Minto
    -allowed the election of Indians to legislative councils
    -introduction of the electoral principle
    -Muslims were concerned they would be subject to Hindu majority rule
    -the # of members in the legislative coucil went from 16 to 60
    -the right to separate electoral was givin to the Muslims
    -the governor general was empowered to nominate one Indianmember of his Executive Council
  • India Act of 1919

    India Act of 1919
    -passed to expand Indian involvment in the government
    -covered ten years from 1919 to 1929
    -all areas of government stayed under the viceroy
    -the Imperial Legislative Council was reformed and enlarged
    -as a result of the Indians "enthusiastic" participation in WW1, British Imperialism was retracted
  • India Act of 1935

    India Act of 1935
    -following the India Act of 1919, there was more demand for Indians to have a greater role in government
    -the introduction of direct elections
    -there was partial reorganization for the provinces
    -Sind separated from Bombay
    -Bihar and Orissa were split into 2 provinces
    -Burma separated from India entirely
    -the Federal Court was established