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  • Jan 1, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    A band of nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta
  • Period: Jan 1, 1215 to

    British History

  • Jan 1, 1532

    Starting of the Reformation and the Church of Enlgand

    Starting of the Reformation and the Church of Enlgand
    it was a series of events when the Church of England broke away from the authority of the pope and the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Civil and Restoration

    Civil and Restoration
    It was series of conflicts between Parliamentrians and royalists. The englsih, Scottish, and the Irish monarchies were all restored under Charles II.
  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    William and Mary came to England with a Dutch fleet and conquered the territory without any conflicts. They made the Bill of rights.
  • Act of Settlement

    Act of Settlement
    It secured the protestant succession to the throne and established the position of prime minister.
  • Imperialism

    Establishment of colonies in western hemisphere and in Asia for economic benefits, and resourses to fuel the industrial revolution.
  • Great Reform Act

    Great Reform Act
    It granted seats to the large cities in the hous of commons and took away seats from smaller boroughs. It increased the number of people allowed to vote.
  • Second reform act

    Second reform act
    Enfranchised all the males of the household and changed the number of seats for small boroughs.
  • Reform of the House of Lords

    Reform of the House of Lords
    Started by Parliament act of 1911, which removed the house of lord's ability to veto money bills with any other bills and the house of commons could overule the lords veto after three sessions.
  • General Strike

    General Strike
    Coal miners went on strike because their wages were reduced.
  • Great Slump

    Great Slump
    Most profound economic depression of the 20th century for the UK which was caused by the large amount of debt that European counries owed from WWI.
  • Beverage Report

    Beverage Report
    It formed the basis for the port-war reforms known as the Welfare state, which include the expansion of National Insurance and the creation of the National Health Service.
  • Golden Era of British Politics

    Golden Era of British Politics
    The country became a welfarfe state. The NHS was created and was functioned ot help a family's health during a financial and personal crisis.
  • National Health Service

    National Health Service
    The National Health Service was to provide an adequate income and free health when a family’s income was hit by, for example, sickness, old age, unemployment or death of the main breadwinner.
  • Margaret Thatcher elected

    Margaret Thatcher elected
    Thatcher was the conservative prime minister of UK. She revived the economy of the UK, reformed outdated reforms, adn reinvigorated the economy.
  • Blair was elected

    Blair was elected
    The Labour party won a major victory. Blair was reelected, not due to his good reputation, but ot the bad reputation of the other parties.
  • Brown elected

    Brown elected
    Gordon Brown is elected prime minister of Uk and the leader of the labour party after Tony Blair resigned. His main manifesto was to make a "better constitution, with set rules for the rights and responsibilities of the citizens."
  • Cameron elected

    Cameron elected
    Cameron was elected prime mininster after a heated debate, with the conclusion of the conservatives and the liberal democrats forming an unusual coalition.