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Brea Olinda USD 2020

  • 2014 / Phase I

    2014 / Phase I
    Recently passed school bond has allowed school facilities to be upgraded to meet current needs and codes necessary to become a 21st century school. Electrical upgrades and connectivity abilities allow multiple users unlimited access to necessary tools. School bond also allocates for funding to purchase needed hardware for each school.
  • Phase II

    Phase II
    Classroom renovations include removal of traditional student desks and chairs. These are being replaced with new, student freindly, chairs, couches and bean bags. Student work centers consist of round tables with seating for 6 - 8 students. SMART Boards, digital teaching tools and beginning to appear throughout the campus
  • Phase III

    Phase III
    All student desktop computers have been replaced with hand held devices, tablets or lap top computers.
  • Phase IV

    Phase IV
    Classrooms to be using less consumable paper than ever - students use dropbox features on all web based learning programs. Teachers communicate with parents via email and video conferencing.
  • Phase V

    Phase V
    All textbooks replaced with on-line and or digital textbooks! The revolution continues.....