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Borman's IB Journey

  • A New Possibility

    Administrative team begins discussing IB because of the need to increase rigor, enrollment, and marketability.
  • Checking for Interest

    The idea of IB was presented during a staff meeting. An Exploratory Team was formed with any and all staff members who were interested in researching all things IB.
  • Brainstorming

    A large poster was placed in the teachers' lounge for teachers to post questions and concerns about the IB program.
  • Gathering Information

    4 Teams, with 6 staff members each, were formed for the purpose of exploration and research. Each team was given a different general topic concerning IB and asked to prepare a presentation of its findings to the staff.
  • Exploratory Team Presentations

    Exploratory Team Presentations
    The four teams presented their findings to the Borman staff.
  • IB HOS Speaker

    IB HOS Speaker
    Carlos Ramirez, current Head of School for Calhoun Middle School and former Head of School for Newton Rayzor Elementary shared information with the Borman staff and answered questions.
  • Campus Tours

    Each Exploratory Team toured Newton Rayzor Elementary, a local IB PYP campus. Teams visited with Newton Rayzor's IB Coordinator and got a first hand look at the work being produced by PYP students.
  • School Board Report

    School Board Report
    Borman Assistant Principal, Becky Lloyd, presented the teacher-driven IB exploratory process at the Denton ISD's School Board Meeting. Borman's interest in the IB program was positively received by Board members.
  • Parent Meeting

    A parent meeting was provided for sharing information about the IB program and Borman's exploration of the program.
  • Committment

    Mr. Gonzalez met individually with each Borman teacher to determine the commitment of the staff to pursuing status of an IB school.
  • Parent Meeting

    A second meeting was held to offer parents information about the International Baccalaureate.
  • Request for Board Support

    Mr. Gonzalez presented Borman's interest in applying for candidacy with the IBO to the Denton ISD School Board.
  • We Get the Green Light!

    The Denton ISD School Board unanimously and enthusiastically lends its support to Borman Elementary in its quest to become a PYP candidate school.
  • Application

    Borman Elementary submitted its Application for Candidacy to the International Baccalaureate.
  • Administrator Training

    Mr. Gonzalez attends the Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom.
  • Westlake Academy

    10 staff members toured Westlake Academy and had a Q&A session with the school's IB Coordinator.
  • Accepted!

    Borman receives word that it was been accepted as a PYP candidate school.
  • More Administrative Training

    Mrs. Lloyd attends IB workshop for administrators.

    15 Borman teachers completed the Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom workshop, setting the stage for programme development and implementation in the 2013-2014 school year.