Bob Marley

  • BOB MARLEY were born

    BOB MARLEY were born
    Su nombre original Robert Nesta Marley Booker, nacio el 6 de febrero de 1945 en Nine Mile, Jamaica
  • Group "The Wailing Wailers"

    Group "The Wailing Wailers"
    A fifteen years in 1960, Bob Marley formed a group called "The Wailing Wailers”, a band Reggae (mixture of folk rhythms, Jamaicans, rock, blues and soul) whose membership was also Peter Tosh, another important genre.
  • First album called “Judge Not".

    First album called “Judge Not".
    In 1962 Jimmy Cliff presented him a producer and recorded their first album called “Judge Not".
  • bob Marley they change their religion to Rastafari

    In 1967 Bob Marley they change their religion to Rastafari, a Caribbean religious political movement that takes its name from Ras Tafari or Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and proclaiming that the inhabitants of the West Indies are from Ethiopia and there again.
  • Wailers the future group

    In the same year, 1967, the band dropped a little, and already established as the Wailers future, bowled here and there, stamp on independent label independent and writing songs for others
  • Period: to

    Album, “Exodus"

    In 1972 he takes up again his career as a musician, but it was not until 1977 when they released a new full-length album, “Exodus"
  • Contrac

    in 1972 signed a good contract with Island records and released "Catch A Fire"
  • Tey released Burnin

    Tey released Burnin
    In 1973, they released Burnin' a great success including Eric Clapton, I Shoot The Sheriff.
  • Tour to Africa

    Tour to Africa
    In 1978, a world tour brings you closer to Africa, reference inspiration for his next LP, “Survival" cstants concert tours kept him active
  • Diagnosed whit cancer

    in September 1980 fainted on stage, and shortly after was diagnosed with cancer
  • Died Bob Marley

    Died Bob Marley
    He had just released "Uprising", despite undergoing treatment, died in 1981.