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  • Slave Songs Published

    Slave Songs Published
    Slave Songs of the United States, the earliest collection of African-American spirituals, is published.
  • "Maple Leaf Rag" Published

    Ragtime will become a main influence on different styles of blues.
  • Black Music First Recorded

    Victor Records issued the first known recording on black music "Camp Meeting Shouts."
  • Blues Song 1st Recorded

    Then published onto sheet music
  • The Migration

    The Migration
    U.S enters World War 1, Military and economic mobilization accelerates, the migration of African American is already in progress.
  • Mamie Smith

    Mamie Smith
    Mamie Smith records for Okeh and Victor records, Her "Crazy Blues" becomes the 1st blues hit
  • Folk Blues Debuts

    Ralph Peer, artist for Okeh and Victor records, makes his first field recordings in Atlanta. Making a new style that will later become Country music.
  • First Folk Blues Records

    The first male folk blues records,features singers ,Papa Charlie Jackson and Daddy stovepipe
  • New Recording Technology

    New Recording Technology
    Electrical recording technology is introduced.
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Blind Lemon Jefferson
    Jefferson is 1st recorded, He will become the dominate blues figure of the late 1920's and the first star of the folk blues.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    Amis widespread economic ruin and no sales of records, ruining the recording industry.
  • T-Bone Walker

    T-Bone Walker
    T-Bone plays electric guitar on the recording of "Call it Stormy Monday"
  • Elvis Debuts

    Elvis Debuts
    Elvis Presley makes his recording debut on Sun Records
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    Brown vs Board of Education
    The Supreme Court rules Brown v Board of Education, A unanimous judgement in favor of school desegregation
  • Year of Blues

    Year of Blues
    Congress declares 2003 "Year of Blues."
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