Blues Timeline

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  • Ragtime

    Ragtime music is considered to be "the birth of Jazz." Ragtime music has syncopated melodic lines and is regularly accompanied by a piano. Ragtime music came from African American slaves.
  • Irving Berlin

    Irving Berlin
    Irving Berlin is a famous Ragtime musician. A famous song from him is, "Alexanders Ragtime Band."
  • Swing

    Swing music has no syncopation. You can feel the music in swing music and it has a intriguing momentum. The name swing came from the 'swing feel' where the emphasis is on the off–beat. Swing music is a type of jazz people can dance to.
  • Benny Goodman

    Benny Goodman
    Benny Goodman was an American jazz clarinetist and bandleader known as the "King of Swing". A famous song from him is "Lets dance."
  • Bepop

    Bepop music is a form of music that has faster beats, more complex chord progressions, improving, and it involves all instruments. Soloists typically improved in their section as long as they were able to stay on beat.
  • Bepop event

    Bepop event
    Bebop music starting is a huge event that impacted Jazz music because it has become the basis for all the innovations that followed.
  • Dave Brubeck

    Dave Brubeck
    Dave Brubeck was a cool jazz or "West Coast Jazz" musician. One of his songs is "Take five."
  • Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker is considered to be the "founder" of Bepop music. His music drew people away from the popular sensibilities of swing. Charlie Parker is known as one of the most important steps in jazz history, just as important today as it was decades ago. A famous song by him is "Ornithology".
  • Cool Jazz

    Cool Jazz
    Cool Jazz has a slower tempo, more relaxed sounding type of Jazz. Tones were harmonic and dynamics were softened. Cool Jazz was nicknamed "West Coast Jazz" because of the many innovations coming from Los Angeles.
  • Latin Jazz

    Latin Jazz
    Latin Jazz consists of Latin American rhythms. These beats typically employ rhythms from Africa or African influence.
  • Machito

    Machito was a Latin Jazz musician. A famous of his is, "Mambo Is Here To Stay."
  • Free Jazz

    Free Jazz
    Free Jazz is based on improvisation, often disgarding typical chords and tempos.
  • Willie Bobo

    Willie Bobo
    Willie Bobo is a Free Jazz musician. One of his songs is, "Fried Neckbones and Some Homefries."
  • Fusion

    Jazz Fusion is where musicians combined improvisation and jazz harmony styles such as rock, rhythm, Latin jazz, and funk.
  • John Abercombie

    John Abercombie
    John Abercrombie is a Jazz Fusion musician. One of his songs is, "Timeless."
  • Contemporary

    Contemporary Jazz is heavily influenced by funk and pop music.
  • George Benson

    George Benson
    George Benson is a Contemporary Jazz musician. One of the songs he covered is, "You Don't Know What Love Is" by Gene DePaul and Don Raye.