Bianca Parker's Life!

  • I was born

    I was born
  • Moved house

    Moved house
  • Started kinder

    Started kinder
  • Started Primary school

    Started Primary school
  • Started Calisthenics

    Started Calisthenics
    In 2006 I started Calisthenics for the clb called Karoo and i am still doing it now
  • Got my dog (Buffy)

    Got my dog (Buffy)
    I have a dog called Buffy and she is a Golden Retriever. She is 4 years old!
  • Hawthorn won Grandfinal

    Hawthorn won Grandfinal
    I barrack for the Hawks. In 2008 they won the grand final against Geelong
  • Won b'ball Grandfinal

    Won b'ball Grandfinal
  • Won solo Competition

    Won solo Competition
    I won my solo for the first time ever and it was when i got into the open section which is so much harder than novice.
  • Started highschool

    Started highschool
    I started High School at Rowville Secondary in the R.I.A program for dance.
  • Today