video games

Timeline created by edithpacheco
  • star trek

    star trek is when they text or they write symbols and they also put different things on it
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    this game show how the spaceship has to pass the dots to get the point
  • Gran trak

    In the game, single-player drives a car along a race track, viewed from above, avoiding walls of pylons and trying to pass as many checkpoints as possible before time runs out.
  • Night Driver

    this game shows how a person in the car has to the diver in the night to get a good sore when the person is still driving
  • football

    In this game, the sport of American football is emulated, with players represented by Xs and Os. The game was one of the most popular arcade games in its day.
  • Gee Bee

    The player controls a set of paddles with a rotary knob, with the objective being to score as many points as possible by deflecting a ball against bricks, pop bumpers and other objects in the playfield.