Ben T's Mexican American War Timeline

By MsOlson
  • Period: to

    Mexican-American War

  • Texas Admitted to the Union

    Texas Admitted to the Union
  • US Tries to Buy Land

    US Tries to Buy Land
    John Slidell went to Mexico to negotiate a deal with Mexico in which the US would pay $25 million for California, and Mexico would agree to the Rio Grande border for Texas. The Mexican government refuses to see him. He left just before war began in March.
  • US Army Stationed at Disputed Border

    General Taylor marches his army past the Nueces River to the Rio Grande river, which the US claims is the border.
  • US Declares War on Mexico

    US Declares War on Mexico
    President Polk advises Congress to declare war on Mexico.
  • Battle of Monterey

    Battle of Monterey
    US defeats Mexico at the Battle of Monterey
  • Mexico City Surrenders

    The US Army under General Winfield Scott occupies Mexico City. General Santa Anna leaves the city with his army to plan their next move, but politicians in the city surrender the city to the US.
  • Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo
    The treaty is signed by both parties, and it is later ratified by the US Senate.