Ben S-L mexican american war timeline

By MsOlson
  • Period: to

    War Years

  • Texas admitted to the Union

    John Tyler signs congressional resolution to annex Texas
  • Texas accepts annexation

    Texas accepts US resolution to annex Texas
  • US troops stationed at disputed border

    Polk asks Zachary Taylor and David Connor to station troops in Corpus Cristi and the Gulf of Mexico
  • US tries to buy land

    US tries to buy land
    Polk sends John Slidell to negotiate with Mexico to buy land, but is rejected
  • US declares war

    polk appeals to Congress to declare war. Congress approves 50,000 soldiers to join the army in an effort to win the war.
  • US victory; Palo Alto

    US victory; Palo Alto
    This battle is won along with the battle of Resaca de la palma, and the mexican army retreats past the rio grande.
  • US victory; battle of Monterrey

    US victory; battle of Monterrey
    The battle of monterrey is won in four days, and it helps the US recruit more soldiers
  • US victory; Battle of cerro gordo

    US victory; Battle of cerro gordo
    Battle of cerro gordo is won, leaving path wide open to mexico city for US troops
  • Mexico city surrenders

    Mexico city surrenders
    The US capture mexico city
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Negotiations finish, the United states gets the mexican cession.