Actions and timeframe

By KiriT
  • Period: to

    Start of implimentation

    How do we incorporate the principals of Kaupapa Māori when building learner capability in a new 1:1 Apple rollout?
  • Survey students and teachers

    Focus is on ipad capability
  • Review Apple Teacher program - Align with Apple Student

    Create a Google Docs for students to complete
    - Students earn badges
  • Principal of Kaupapa - Send out Maori Dictionary to all classes to utilise

    All ipads have a Māori dictionary (Te Aka) loaded onto them. This may need to be staggered, beginning with Māori Medium, then Reo Rua, and finally for English Medium in order to mitigate a potentially large one-off cost. If this action becomes untenable, the backup plan will be to load at least 2x free te reo based apps on all ipads.
  • Form questions for Apple student - Pages

  • Teacher Workshops - Imovies/Clips/Keynotes

  • Collect Student and teacher Data - Analyse findings

    Where to next?
  • Create a survey - Principle of Kia Piki Ake i Ngā Raruraru o te Kāinga

    Create a survey to send out to tamariki - Student voice
  • Apple student Badging system - Created, finalised, send out.

  • Send out survey - Kia piki ake ngaa raruraru i te kainga

    Start a survey of tamariki and impact/ benefit of 1:1 apple rollout (data collection)
  • Teacher Targeted Workshops - One on One

  • Students working on survey to achieve badge

  • Professional Development - Apple educator provider

  • Students working on survey to achieve badge

  • Ako - Teaching Teina/Tuakana concept

    This principle will apply to Rūmaki (Middle and Seniors) only at this stage to create teaching videos on a strategy they have been learning in class for maths. (In te reo Maaori). This is an opportunity for students to become teachers and to practice the concept of tuakana/teina across their classrooms. Ultimately, students are creating a digital resource that can be accessed by current and future students whereby they are effectively teaching themselves, which is a form of student agency.
  • Ako - Uploading of videos to a specified platform

    Teaching tamariki how to upload to shared space.
  • Students working on survey to achieve badge

  • Kia piki ake ngaa raruraru i te kainga

    Analyse and write up findings from data collated in week 3
  • Taonga tuku iho - Students creating content in class

    ‘Taonga Tuku Iho’ (importance of te reo, tikanga and maatauranga Maaori) this principle will only be applied to Rūmaki at this stage. Videos to be created using imovie/clips about the pepeha o te kura.
  • Taonga tuku iho - Showcase of Videos in school production

    Rumaki will be working on the creation stories of our school pepeha. This will be a showcase of movies and clips.
  • Teacher Targeted Workshops - One on One

  • Students working on survey to achieve badge