• fairness encourage respect

    It does not only refers to plagiarism, it goes further.
  • model digital citizens “practice safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and tools.”

    teachers must model to students at all times.
  • Creativity can be developed in students and teachers

    The use or model of the sources on the web allows both teachers-students to be skilled in good use of technology.
  • meaningful Learning

    Give students the opotunity to create their own environment to learn can help him/her to obtain better results.
  • Good student-teacher relatioship

    Teachers and students need to get along. this way the work can be cooperative and coolaboarative.
  • Self-assessment results

    1. the level of creativity
    2. the frequency in the use of the tools.
    3. showing of understanding.
    4. The ability in problem solving
  • Tools for a Good Digital Citizen

    1. Advance searchers
    2. Respect and use only copyright
    3. explore sources before choosing one
    4. cellphones. tablets, computers etc
    5. respectful websites
  • Education + Technology = Mediation

    1. Giving learning the oportunity to happen inside and outside the classroom.
    2. Provide students oportunity to creat their own concepts by facing them to some situations they must solve.
    3. train students to think critically.
    4. Improving techical skills teachers and students as well.