Battle Of The Atlantic

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  • Battle of The Atlantic Begins

    Battle of The Atlantic Begins
    Battle of the Atlantic begins. Also, today marks the day when Germans sink a British passenger liner.
  • First Merchant Ship sunk by Germans

    First Merchant Ship sunk by Germans
    SS Bosnia was a 2,402 ton cargo ship launched on 6 February 1928, by Thompson, J.L. in North Sands, England. Torpedoed and sunk by the German U-boat U-47 on 5 September 1939.
  • First Attempt - Convoy Crossing

    First Attempt - Convoy Crossing
    36 ships of the Allies set out to cross the atlantic ocean.
  • First convoy sails

    First convoy sails
    The first british convoys sail outbound from the British Isles:
  • U-27 Sunk by Allies

    U-27 is sunk with depth charges from the British destroyers HMS Fortune and HMS Forester.
  • New Year's....

    New Year's....
    Allied losses are 73 vessels totaling 214,500 tons, of which 40 vessels totaling 111,200 tons are sunk by submarines. Germany has 38 operational submarines to begin the year.
  • U-Boats a little closer to home

    U-Boats a little closer to home
    June, 1940 – Allied loss of Norway brings U-boats closer to convoy routes
  • Green Light for U-Boats

    Green Light for U-Boats
    U Boats are given permission to attack any merchant vessel. Combatant or not.
  • Wolfpacks - 20 Strong

    Wolfpacks - 20 Strong
    German U Boats start operating in wolfapcks of 20.
  • 2 Convoys targeted

    2 Convoys targeted
    An attack on 2 allied convoys yields 36 sunken ships by attacking German U Boats
  • USA joins in

    USA joins in
    The Lend-Lease Bill is signed by USA's President: Roosevalt.
    Allows unrestricted help and aid of the Allies against the Axis powers.
  • USA's First action

    USA's First action
    USA's first ocmbat action against the German U-Boat takes place. A defence ship fires at a maurading German U-Boat which has passed the US security zone.
  • Summary of June 1941

    Summary of June 1941
    Allied losses are 590,000 tons
  • Continous Escorts on the way

    Continous Escorts on the way
    By this time, escorts are continously leaving.
  • 216 Vessels, 3 months

    216 Vessels, 3 months
    JAN- MARCH Off the East Coast of the US, around 216 vessels fall prey to the German U Boat scourge.
  • Horrifying Month for Allies

    Horrifying Month for Allies
    June of 1942 marks the single worst month of Allied shipping losses, totaling some 834,000 tons of goods at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • RCAF target something

    RCAF target something
    U Boats are targetted by the Royal Air Force at Cherbourg and Lorient
  • German U-Boat strength update

    German U-Boat strength update
    April, 1943 – U-boat strength up to 425, with 240 boats operational
  • U-Boat Detectors on Air Craft

    U-Boat Detectors on Air Craft
    Allied aircrafts are fitted with U-Boat radar detectors.

    U Boats are withdrawn as they suffer heavy casualties.
    Allied shipping losses are 157,000 tons, and 37 U-boats are sunk plus 32 damaged.
    There were heavy casualties for both sides in May. However the excorts started to use startegic plans. Eventually, many convoys destroyed many U-Boats during the month. ONE OF THEM HAD DONITZ'S SON IN THEM - He was shaken by this, and retreated the other U Boats
  • Recalling U-Boats

    Recalling U-Boats
    Karl Donitz recalls his U Boats from the Atlantic
  • Spring 1944 and Canada

    Spring 1944 and Canada
    By Spring 1944, Canada had the sole responsibilty of the Arctic
  • D-DAY

    D-Day landings from the Allies eventually render the French-German U-Boat Bases inoperable.

    Battle of the Atlantic is officailly over.
    Total Losses from September, 1939 = 5,150 British, Allied and neutral ships of 21,570,000 tons (300,000 tons per month)
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Atlantic