Baby's First Year

  • Grasping Reflex

    All newborns are born with this reflex. It would be like a response to a touch on the palm of the hand.
  • Rooting Reflex

    Infant's response in turning toward the source of touching that occurs anywhere around his or her mouth.
  • Perceptual - Face Recognition

    Babies can see faces of the people around them.
  • Perceptual - First Sounds

    The newborn has pretty mature hearing capabilities.
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    Baby's First Year

  • Perceptual - Differentiating Sound

    At the one month stage, babies begin to differentiate sounds they hear.
  • Sucking Reflex

    Ensures that the baby will nurse and occurs when something is placed in the baby's mouth.
  • Physical - Rasie Head to 45 Degrees

    The baby can finally move their head 45 degrees on their own.
  • Physical - Roll Over

    At the 2.8 month mark, babies have the ability to roll over.
  • Lang. Dev. - Makes "cooing" Sounds

    The baby begins to make cooing noises.
  • Physical - Sitting With Support

    At the 4 month mark, babies can sit with support.
  • Physical - Sit Without Support

    At the 5.5 month mark, babies can sit without support.
  • Perceptual- Perception of Danger

    Experiment showed that older infants around 6 months were afraid of the fake drop they created using optical illusions.
  • Lang. Dev. - Babble Repetitive Syllables

    The babies begin to repeat syllables like "da da" or "ba ba."
  • Lang. Dev. - Make Gurgling Sounds

    The baby begins to make gurgling sounds when left alone or when he or she is being played with.
  • Gag Reflex

    Usually occurs when the child first starts to eat solid foods. Around 6-8 months old.
  • Physical - Pull Self to Standing Position

    At the 7.6 month mark, babies start to pull themselves up to a standing position.
  • Physical - Walk Holding on to Furniture

    At the 9.2 month mark, babies start walking while holding the furniture.
  • Physical - Creep

    Babies at the 10 month mark start to creep.
  • Lang. Dev. - Say Few Words

    The babies begin to say little words like "dada," "mama," and "uh-oh."
  • Lang. Dev. - Try to Immitate Words

    The baby begins to try repeating words they hear.
  • Physical - Stand Alone

    Infants at the 11.5 month mark start to stand on their own.
  • Physical - Walk

    Around the 12 month mark babies start walking.