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  • sakura gakuin

    sakura gakuin
    In 2010 the group Sakura Gakuin was created, which was a group of girls who are dedicated to singing, dancing and acting, it was a large group of several members and when they reached 16 they "graduated" leaving the group
  • sub groups

    sub groups
    As this group was so extensive, several groups came out and different themes were created, among those was the "babay metal" subgroup, its members at that time were: yui mizuno, moa kikuchi and suzuka nakamoto
  • first song

    first song
    in 2013 they released their first song called doki doki morning, and it was uploaded in the first album of sakura gakuin
  • autonomous group

    autonomous group
    the same year they released their first song suzuka nakamot turned 16 and had to graduate from the group sakura gakuin, but as the producers saw that the subgroup was gaining a lot of fame, even more fame than the main group, they made babymetal an autonomous group
  • album

    in 2015 they released their first album called Live - Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse
  • fame

    They did several world tours, and they won many awards, they also made collaborations. The tours used to be in Japan Europe and the United States
  • yui exit

    yui exit
    In 2018 the departure of yui's group was confirmed, no exact reasons were given and it is not known why so far, in the next festival yui was not, creating controversy, and I also created a lot of controversy that none of the members appeared in the video clip of the new album
  • present

    At present the group is still standing but it is only made up of 2 of the girls, YouTube has 2 million followers and its most recent album is 10 BABYMETAL YEARS and its best known song so far has been moans moans chocolate