Aztecs to Modern Mexico

By k18149
  • Mexican Independence from Spain

    Mexican Independence from Spain
    Who: Mexicans and Spaniards
    What: Fought a War
    Where: In Mexico
    When: 1810-1821
    Why: The mexicans resented the spanish control of monopolies and disliked the political reform.
    So What: The mexicans now have independence from spain and now live as one country.
  • Texas Independence from Mexico

    Texas Independence from Mexico
    Who: Mexicans and settlers in texas
    What: Texans wanted independence from mexico
    Where: Texas
    Why: The texans did not like mexico and wanted independence from their rulers
    So What: Texas is now part of the U.S. and is not part of mexico
  • Mexican American War

    Mexican American War
    Who: Mexico and the U.S.
    What: The U.S. wanted texas and california for their country
    Where: The U.S. California, Texas, and New Mexico
    When: 1846-1848
    Why: People were angered by the issues with texas
    So What: The U.S. took control of the battle and tried to take mexicos land away.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Who: Mexico and America
    What: A treaty for mexico to give up half its territory
    Where: Texas border at Rio Grande River
    When: Feb, 2 1848
    Why: America won the war and paid mexico 15 million for the territory
    So What: The entire half of mexico was given to america and america expanded greatly.
  • Gadsen Purchase

    Gadsen Purchase
    Who: Franklin Pierce and Mexico
    What: Franklin Pierce wanted to buy land from mexico for 10 million
    Where: 75 miles north of El Paso
    When: 1853-1854
    Why: President Pierce wished to secure the land for railroad expansion
    So What: Franklin paid 10 million and got the land he wanted, so the american railways expanded across the country.