First fleet

Australia's History from 1780-1890

By Micd5B
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    Captain Matthew Flinders (16th March 1774 - 19 July 1814) was a dintinguished navigator and cartographer, who was the first to circumnavigate Australia and identify it as a continent. He was 15 years old when he joined the navy. He later sailed with Captain Bligh transporting fruit. He sailed to Australia on "The Reliance" establishing himself as a great navigator.
    Matthew Flinders deserves special recognition because he was the person who named Australia.
  • 1780s

    The most significant event in the 1780's was the British government sending the first fleet of convicts to Australia. This changed Australia by the British colony taking away everything away from the Aboriginals.
  • 1790s

    The most significant event in the 1790's was that the British goverment started to think that the new settlement in Australia was a bad mistake ,it was costing them too much money. Because of starvation in the colonies the British government decided to start the Australian farming industries. This decision has led to Australia developing a strong farming industry.
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    Matthew Flinders explored the coastline around Sydeny in a tiny boat called Tom Thumb.
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) proving it was an island.
  • 1800s

    In the 1800's Matthew Flinders was the first to circumnavigate Australia. TBecause he circumnavigated Australia he decided to change the name from New England to Australia. When the name was introduced the people decided it was a good name instead of New England because they didn't want the name to be the same as their old country.
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    From 1801 to 1803 Matthew Flinders charted the entire coastline of Australia.
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    Matthew Flinders maaried Ann Chappell but was soon sent back to Australia.
  • 1810s

    In this decade the most significant event was the increase in the criminal population of Britain. This caused the British government to send more of their convicts to Australia. Because of this event Australia's population grew quickly.
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    Matthew Flinders finally returned to England and began writing a book "A Voyage to Terra Australia".
  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders
    Matthew Flinders published his book the next day Matthew Flinders dies aged 40.
  • 1820s

    tIn the time period of the 1820s the British government thought that they needed to control the criminal convicts more. This led to establishing a new colony in Brisbane.Because of this event the colony started to expand in Australia.
  • 1830s

    The main event in the 1830s saw squatters taking over land from the Aboriginals. Squatters illegally took away land from Aboriginals by estbalishing homesteads and then killing any local Aboriginals that stepped onto their land. This event effected the relationship of the White settlers and Aboriginals.
  • 1840s

    The most significant event in the time period of 1840s was the beginning of the great economic depression. This event caused bankruptcies and the Wool industry to nearly collapse. The British government tried to force more convicts into Australia but the people of Australia refused. This shows Australia starting to become more independent.
  • 1850

    The most signifcant event in this time period of the 1850s was the beginning of the Great Australian Gold Rush. Because of this event people from other countries flooded Australia. This was the beginning of our mulitcultural future.
  • 1860s

    The most significant event in this time period of the 1960s was the first overland telegraph is built from Adelaide to Darwin. This event is signifcant because it allowed more development.
  • 1870s

    In this decade of the 1870s there were several significant events in Australia. The first the British troops leave Australia, now all the states of Australia are responsible for policing and keeping their state safe. The second event was the main cities of Australia grew rapidly, the trade union argue that Asutralia needs to stop letting Chinese migrating to Australia. The has effected Australia's laws and the way we control who comes in and out of our country.
  • 1880s

    The most signifance event in this time period was Australia becoming to be known as the "working mans paradise". This caused migration to Australia to increase especially from China.
  • 1890s

    The most signifcant event in this time period of 1890s was that the federation of Australia finally begins. This event led to making a government, writing our own laws and electing our first prime minister. Our first prime minister was Edmund Barton.
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