Australia's Colonial History....

  • The landing of the First Fleet

    The landing of the First Fleet
    The First Fleet from England under Arthur Phillip arrives at Sydney Cove with the convicts, English soldiers and a few noble men and women, they went to a beach where natives (aboriginals) confronted them, luckily no fight broke out....
  • Aborgines attack

    A convict was killed and another seriously injured by Aborigines
  • Matthew Flinders completes the first circumnavigation of the continent.

    I don't even know, at least I'm honest!
  • A settlement in Tasmania is founded.

    English convicts and English soldiers find a settlement in Tasmania
  • The Rum Rebellion.

    People rebelling over Rum? o.O
  • Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth cross the Blue Mountains.

    Since when are mountains blue? O.o
  • Matthew Flinders calls New South Wales (Australia's old name) Australia

    Wait, what?
  • Oxley begins charting the rivers of NSW.

    Haha Oxley, thats a funny name
  • A penal colony is founded at Moreton Bay, now the city of Brisbane.

    Whats a penal colony?....
  • The settlement of Perth is founded

  • Sturt charts the Murray River.

    Was that Stuart Little? Haha i'd say Mr. Little was exploring the Murray River
  • The new British Government in Australia

    in this year australia currently controled by england set up a goverment in ausrtalia to help out with rescources
  • Copper at Kapunda SA

    copper was discovered at kapunda in south australia and was used to make money in the present
  • Western Australia became a penal colony

    western australia became a penal colony
  • First University

    the first univesity of australia was created in sydney, where people could go and get a better education etc.
  • The Victorian gold rush starts in Ballarat.

    GOLD!!!!!! :D
  • The Eureka Stockade.

    English laborours rebelled against the posh people saying they deserve the right to vote because they pay taxes and not just the posh people should vote
  • Van Diemens land changed to tasmania

    Van Diemens land had its name changes to tasmania which is what it is called today
  • Victorian men achieved the right to vote.

    Men in Victoria gained the right to vote (Mainly slaves and other types of "lower class" people)
  • New South Wales men achieved the right to vote

    Men in New South Wales gained the right to vote (most of these men were "lower class" man or poor men
  • SS Admella wrecked off south-east coast of South Australia with the loss of 89 lives.

    The SS Admella crashed into something near the South-East coast of South Australia, this fatal crash resulted in the deaths of 89 people
  • Stuart reached Port Darwin, founding a settlement there.

    Stuart (last name unknown) reached Port Darwin, finding a settlement there as well
  • South Australia took control of the Northern Territory which was previously part of the colony of New South Wales.

    South Australia took over the Northern Territory, the Northern Territory used to be a part of the colony of New South Wales.
  • The transportation of convicts to Australia ceases.

  • Overland Telegraph Line linking Darwin and Adelaide opens.

    Telegraph? Tele? something to do with a Telephone maybe? I don't actually know....
  • Ned Kelly was hanged

    the all famous bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged on this day. People considered him as a murderer. But others saw him as an Australian Robin Hood
  • first cricket test between australia and england at mcg

    The first cricket test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was played here on this date with australia and england the test is also called the ashes
  • A severe depression hits Australia

    Everything became harder for people, well mainly for the people who had little or no money whatsoever
  • The sufferage for women

    In 1895 woman had a sufferage that gave them the right to vote for the first time and not just men. the woman now had a say in who would be incharge
  • Federation of Australia

    Australia becomes a federation. All of the colonies became the Commonwealth of Australia. The Constitution came into effect, to show how the Government and Country would be run.