Australian Studies

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    Australian Studies

  • Industrial Revolution

  • Captain Cook lands in Botany Bay, claims it as British territory

    This is important to Australia's history because it was the first european connection with Australia in our short history. He claimed it as British teritory and then it was a country of the Commonwealth.
  • Colonisation of Australia

    Colonisation of Australia
    This is probably Australias history as it was the day the First Fleet arrived on the shores of Sydney Cove. It was led by Governor Arthur Phillip and a penal colony was constructed.
  • French explorers anchor in Recherche Bay, Tasmania

  • Hobart was Settled

    This is important as Hobart was the city that was settled second in Australia. Tasmania was then known as a Van Diemens Land and it was set up as a covict settlement, with most of the covict population living there.
  • Australia is now the name of the country. Formerly known as New Holland

  • The end of Convict transportation to Australia.

  • The Eureka Stockade

    The Eureka Stockade
    The Eureka Stockade was caused because at the time there was a gold rush in the country town of Ballarat and as a way to gain money the government was taxing the miners too dearly and so the miners went on a rampage. the Government overpowered them and there was a lot of blood shed. After this the tax was lowered considerably.
  • First electric telegraph line in Australia

    between melbourne and williamstown
  • Australian Rules Football was Codified.

    Australian Rules Football was Codified.
    Australian Rules Football was created by Tom Wills in 1858 in a Ricmond paddock where they constructed the basic rules of AFL. The first game of Aussie Rukes was between the two melbournian schools, Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College. The VFL was started in 1889 and then was later named the AFL because other states joined the legue out of Victoria.
  • Ned Kelly was Hung.

  • First Ashes Series. Australia won

    First Ashes Series. Australia won
  • The First Car is Built by Henry Ford.

  • Start of The Boer War

  • Australia became a Federation

    First Prime Minister Edmund Barton is selected. Australian Flag is flown for the first time.
  • The start of WWI

  • ANZAC Day

    ANZAC Day
    On this historic day Ausralian and New Zealand troops where sent to the shores of Gallipoli Cove, Turkey. These soldiers were sent to die in battle and they died to save our country. Therer were about 60000 lives lost and many others were injured horrendously.
  • WW1 Ends.

    The end of the first world war finishes a four year battle across europe which has affected most Australians. We remeber the loses of soldiers on days like ANZAC day and others.