Australian Immigration: Rights and Freedoms

  • Period: to

    White Australia Policy

    From Federation to the End of WWII: White Australia Policy “Australia for Australians”
  • Populate or Perish

    “Populate or Perish” Calwell -> British migrants ideal
  • Jewish Holocaust

    Jewish Holocaust Survivors come to Australia as Displaced Persons.
  • SS Misr arrived in Australia

    Created a lot on contraversy.
  • Beautiful Balts

    Beautiful Balts Arrive in Australia
  • Period: to

    The Snowy Mountains Scheme

    People from 30 different countries worked on this project.
  • The End for Labor

    Ben Chifley out of power
  • Dept. of Immigration

    Dept. of Immigration enforces the 75% rule
  • Period: to

    Menzies in Power

    Menzies extends migration to southern Europeans
  • Assisted Passage

    Assisted Passage provided to migrants
  • Migrants in Australia

    1 million migrants from over 30 countries.
  • The Queen in Australia

    The Queen visits Australia were double the amount of Europeans migrants came compared to British Australians.
  • Period: to


    Australia begins to change from a white only society.
  • UN Program

    Entry allowed for Vietnamese in Australia