Australian history

By Nasp5A
  • 1790's

    Land grants have now been given to 177 farmer settlers of which two thirds are ex-convicts. The settlements comprise Parramatta and Sydney with a small estalishment. Continuing his 12 year war Pemulwuy leads the George River and Parramatta indigenous to attack a settlement near Parramatta. Pemulwuy was caught but soon escaped.
  • The Effect

    Because of this I think Parramatta will become part of sydney and that Australia will become a great colony.
  • 1800s

    1800s: After a 12 year war Pemulwuy leader of the Eora Resistance fighters is shot and killed by two settlers his head was preserved and sent to Sir Joseph Banks who lived in London by Governor King. King wrote that although a terrible annoyance to the colony, he was a brave and outstanding character. Pemulwuy’s son Tedbury continues the resistance fighters for the next 8 years.
  • The Effect 2

    Because of this I think the aborigineshate for the British will grow and the British people will continueto colenise Australia.
  • 1810

    1810s: After the end of the Napoleonic wars, the British economy stagnates as the stimulus of war time production ceases. The number of convicts transported to Australia rises dramatically, some 11,000 convicts are sent out during the four years between 1817 and 1820. The British government are worried that matters in NSW have become too free and easy and that convict criminals now treat transportation as a life time opportunity.
  • the Effect 3

    Because of this I think the British government will be harder on the convicts and the convicts are taking the punishment as an opportunity.
  • 1820

    1820s: The black war in Van Diemen’s Land intensifies and Lieutenant Governor Arthur Phillip declares martial law banning Aboriginals from all settled areas. The British government claims Western Australia and Captain Stirling land at the mouth of the Swan River Colony now Perth. And the whole entire continent of Australia is now claimed as British. Only 1quarter of kids in the colonies are going to school but now there are 2 million sheep.
  • The Effect 4

    Because of this I think there shall be more black wars and the colony of nAustralia will become a great colony.
  • 1830

    1830: George Augustus Robinson travels around Van Demons land persuading Aborigines to come into captivity, promising them a place where they could be fed and clothed. And live unmolested by the settlers.
  • The Effect 5

    All the aborigine in Van Diemons Land are gone and will properly repenish.
  • 1840

    1840:A selected committee of NSW government claims that protectors of Aborigines servo no purpose and should be abolished. Later the same year, the flinders island protectorate in bass strait, originally settled under George Robertson 14 years earlier is abandoned. Most of the Aborigines have already died.
  • The Effect 6

    The Anorigials and the British will be hated more.
  • 1850

    1850:At this period there was the Eureka stockade it started when a hotel owner got angry and accidently killed a man sneaking into his hotel. Gold miners at Ballarat erect a wooden stockade to protest government ill treatment and fly a flag of defiance. The protest is viewed by the authorities as a treasonous act of rebellion and crushed. But juries refuse convict men charged who now regarded as popular heroes.
  • The Effect 7

    Gold miners will start ryeting for a while from being mistreated.
  • 1860

    1860s: From Melbourne Burke an Wills expedition in triumph with 18 men ,27 camels and 27 tonnes of equipment. It ends more than a year later in a tragic farce. Only 1 man, John king lives to return
  • The Effect 8

    People will have a better idea of Australia and how hospitable it can be.
  • 1870

    1870s: First cricket test match played between Australia and England at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia wins. Last garrisons of British troops withdrawn from Australia each of six colonial governments now are responsible for their own defence.
  • The Effect 9

    Australia will be very good at cricket.And will have a better army.
  • 1880

    1880s: A ship of Chinese arrivals on board and Afghans are stopped from coming to Sydney harbour. A large crowd has been marching out side parliament house saying stop the invasion. When the court orders the colonial Chinese resident to be disembarked.
  • The Effect 10

    The English nand Chinese won't get alo9ng very well for a while. And will have a few fights along the way.
  • 1890

    1890s: Sir Henry Parkes the premier of New South Wales and ‘Father of Federation’. A disaster strikes London banks and a global downturn in the economy leads to a whole sale banking collapse. Thousands of bankrupt people leave the eastern colonies to seek their riches in Kalgoorlie goldfields and new gold rush has started.
  • The Effect 11

    Prices are going to go up and lots of people are going to be digging for gold.