australian history

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    australias history

    colonial australias dates
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    lachlan macquaries life

    lachlan macquarie had a huge impact during his life as a govornour for australia.
  • lacchlan macquarie is born

    lacchlan macquarie is born
    lachlan macqurie is born
  • small poox

    small poox
    a gigantic wave of small-pox spreads through the colony and eora clan. lots of the eora died, whilst only one person from the colony died.
  • william bligh sets sail

    william bligh sets sail
    govornour bligh sets sail to new south wales to become the new govornour. he thinks he will make a big difference.
  • revolution of ideas

    revolution of ideas
    a new revolotion has begun and a new way to live. most nworkers look forward to this andit has had an enormous impact on life today.
  • travel guide

    travel guide
    a colonial born man created a travel guide for sailing over seas after being sent to australia.
  • lachlan macquarie dies

    lachlan macquarie dies
    lachlan macquie dies
  • convicts kill wildlife

    convicts kill wildlife
    convicts start killing more and more animals. every time the govornour walks outside he see less and less animals outside.
  • an economic downfall

    an economic downfall
    a downfall strikes an incredible impact on people. it leaves millions and millions of people very poor.
  • gold rush

    gold rush
    eureaka gold mines are opened and some become rich but some dont find anything at all. the govournment introduced a licence so that means a big rebelion starts.
  • VIC university for deaf

    VIC university for deaf
  • first european to cross australia

    first european to cross australia
    john stuart crosses the middle of australia making maps clear on the inside. he also helps a friend start his big idea called the internet.
  • ned kelly

    ned kelly
    ned kelly died in1880. he was a bushranger and a criminal that put lots of people in large amount of danger. when he did die he had a massive fight and killed lots of police.
  • man from snowy river

    man from snowy river
    a world wide extremely famous poem is puplished making thousands happier.
  • university of tasmania

    university of tasmania
    tasmanias first university is opened.