Australian History

  • Captain James Cook lands in Botany Bay.

    Captain Cook and his boat crew, discovered the East Coast of Australia. They landed on the harbour. They investigated the local surroundings and feasted upon seafood. The Botanists enjoyed the arangement of life, such as the birds and the marine life.
  • Tasmania Founded.

    Tasmanias', was then a British Settlement. The first settlement of the Europeans was along the Eastern shore of the River Derwent.
  • Crossed The Blue Mountains

    In Australia, Lawson, Blaxland and Wentworth, reached Mount Blaxland, effectively marking the end of a route across the Blue Mountains.
  • Queensland Founded.

    Queensland was chosen as a place for the Europeans to settle. They chose this state, for the more difficult convicts.
  • Victoria is Founded

    Victoria's Port Phillip District was classed as Victoria's first settlement, but was later abandoned.Their first permenant settlement was in Portland Bay, it was discovered by Edward Henty.
  • South Australia Founded

    Adelaide, South Australia was founded.
  • Australia's Economical Depression

    The Depression had hit Australia, destroying the economical boost that Australia had once had. The Depression had caused the most major export business in Australia at that time, wool, to collapse.
  • Victoria Separated from New South Whales.

    The British act of separating Victoria and New South Wales, giving it a name and a new Constitution for the new colony. It wasn’t signed until 5th of August 1850 by Queen Victoria. It then was enabled to pass the legislation by the New South Wales Legislation Council on the 1st of July 1851 and is the formal establishment of Victoria.
  • Britain Extended Self Rule To Colonies

    From 1856 the organisation of the public service was embodied in a series of Acts which gave overall responsibility for the newly-formed departments to the Governor and Executive Council.
  • (Vic) Male Suffrage Granted

    Victoria extended the vote to male residence to 21 years and over. The remaining colonies followed, but South Australia was two years before Victoria.
  • Australia Cricket Team Defeats England And The 'Ashes' Are Born.

    In August, The Australian Cricket team defeated England, therefor creating the "Ashes". England's media dubbed the next Englad tour, the "Quest to Regain the Ashes".
  • The Australian Labor Party Founded

    In the 1890's the polititions formed a party called the Labor Party. This party would help workers from all over the country and the workers would receive assistance from the government.
  • The Great Strikes

    The Great maritime strike causes political and social turmoil across all Australin colonies, and the collapse of colonial governments in Victoria and New South Whales.
  • Women Granted Right To Vote.

    Women gained the right to vote in South Australia on December 18th 1894.
  • WA Becomes The Last Colony To Accept Federation

    Premier Forrest called for a referendum on the issue in 1900. He wished to steer Western Australia down the federation road in a sturdy carriage.
  • Australia declares independence.

    Australia declares independence from federation of UK colonies.
  • Australia Becomes a Federation.

    The Colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania were united, they would now be known as the Commonwealth of Australia
  • Start of World War 1

    World War 1 had started when Germany and Britain went to war. Australia pledged full support to Britain.
  • Australian Troops join war.

    Members of the Australian Imperial Force were sent to fight in Gallipoli. Joining them were troops from Britain, New Zealand and France.
  • World War 1 Ends.

    It was the end of World War 1. Country after country pulled out, no one won the war.