Australian History

  • Period: to


  • Dutch East India explored the west coast of cape york

    The Dutch East India company ship Duyfken, under Captain Willem Janzoon,explors the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. this was the first record landfall by a European on Australian soil.
  • Period: to

    1606 - 1817

  • Captain Dirk Harthog leaves a plate in Western Australia

    Dutch Captian Dirk Harthog in the Eendracht makes a second recorded landfall by a European,at Dirk Hathog island on the Western Australia.Leaves behind the Hathog plate.
  • Willem de Viamingh makes S.A. map

    Dutch explorer Willem de Viamingh charts the Soutwestern coast of Australia,Making landfall at Rottnest Island
  • James Cook claims Australia is British land

    English Lieutenant James Cook's expedition in HM Bark Endeavour charts the eastern coast ,and claims it for the British Crown. Australia dubbed "terranullius" i.e.,acording to the REropean legal precepts of the era, it was "owned" by no-one.
  • The First British Fleet arrives in New South Whales

    The British First Fleet arrives in New South Whalestomfound first Eropean settlement and penal colony at Sydeny. The colony included New Zeland.
  • New Holland becomes Australia

    GovernorLachlan Macquarie petitioned the British Admiralty to use the name"Australia" instead of "New Holland".
  • The whole of Australia is claimed as British territory

    The whole of Australia is claimed as British territory.The settlement of perth is founded.Swan River Colony is declared by Charles Femantle for British.
  • Swan River Colony becomes W.A

    Swsan River Colony has its name changed to Western Australia.
  • New Zeland is proclaimed as a seperate colony

    New Zeland is proclaimed as a seperate colony, no longer part of New South Whales.
  • West Australia becomes a penal colony

    West Australia become a penal colony.