Australian Federation

  • Six Colonies Were Made

    In 1860 there were six British conlonies in Australia. All mian laws in the colonies were made by the British Parliment.
  • Telegraphs

    Telegraphs linking colonies
  • Celebrating Ideas

    People began celebrating the idea of being 'Australian' in songs and dance.
  • Colonies Start to Discuss Federation

    The premier of NSW, Henry Parkes convinced the other premiers to start discussing Federation at the Australian Federation Convention.
  • Australaisian Recommends Convention

    The Australasian Federation Conference recommends a national convention be held to draft a constitution for the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Idea Of Federation Becomng Popular

    The idea of federation was beginning to become more popular.
  • Delay

    Economic deppression means the colonial parliaments lose interest in federation. 1891-1894
  • First National Australasian Convention

    The first national Australasian convention is held in Sydney and drafts a constitution. They also agreed to allow Australia to vote on whether they agree with the constitution.
  • People's Conference

    A people's conference in Corowa, NSW, urges the colonial parliments to hold a new convention to decide on a draft constitution.
  • New Federation Convention

    A special premier's conference agrees to hold a new federation convention.
  • Second People's Convention

    A second people's convention in Bathurst, NSW, renews calls for another federation convention.
  • Second National Australasian Convention

    The second national Australasian Convention meets in Adeliade, Sydney and Melbourne, and agrees to the constitution. 1897-1898. Queensland were against federation and did not choose to take part in any conventions.
  • Referendums

    Referendums are held in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to approve the constitution. It is endorsed by all but NSW.
  • Secret Meeting

    In January the premiers hold a secret meeting andagree to several changes to the constitution.
  • Referendums

    Between April and July referendums are held in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania at which a majority vote 'yes' to the bill. In September Queensland voters endorse the constitution. Queensland and Western Australia chose to not take part in the referendums.
  • Delegation

    In March a delegation travels to London to present the constitution to the British Parliment.
  • Commonwealth

    On 5 July the British Parliament passes the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.
  • Queen Passes Commonwealth

    On 9 July Queen Victoria signs the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.
  • Voters Approve

    On 31 July Western Australia holds a referendum at which an overwhelming majority of voters approve the Constitution.
  • Australia Becomes an Independent Nation

    On 1 Janurary 1901, the six British colonies on the island continent of Australia joined together to form an independent nation.
  • Commonwealth Elections

    On 29 and 30 March the first Commonwealth elections are held.
  • First Parliment, Commonwealth, Australia, Exibition

    On 9 May the Duke of Cornwall and York (later King George V) opens the first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia in the Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
  • World War 1

    On 4 August 1914 Britian declared war on Germany. The next day Australia also declared war because Australia wanted to support their old country.