Australian Federation

Timeline created by __Lukeyy
  • Australian Flag

    The Australian flag was designed by Nicholson
  • Colonies

    Six British Colonies in Australia Lawswere made by british parlement.
  • Telegraph

    Telegraph lines linked colonies. Songs and poem about australian idenity.
  • Convention

    Convention in Melbourne
  • Convention Sydney

    Convention in Sydney. The constutution started to be written.
  • Confrence

    Confrence of pro-federation group.
  • Convention

    Convention Qld did not attend because they did not attend because they were against federation
  • Meeting concerns

    founds of meeting the concerns of those three colonies.
  • Constulution

    took the draft constitution to London.
  • referundem

    Western Australia voted to join the commenwealth
  • Australia

    New south wales and all the other colonies were united as Australia
  • States

    Colonies were now called states
  • Canberra

    Commonwealth parliment first sat in Canberra in the parlement house
  • New house

    Commonwealth parliment first sat in new parliment house
  • elected

    Each colony elected representatives to attend except Queensland which did not support federation.