Australian colonial period

By ZoeP5B
  • 1780's

    Britian having lost the war of independance they realised they needed a new place to send convicts. They came to Australia because it had good food sources and water supplies.It changed Australia because there wouldn't be this kind of technology if britin didn't find australia.
  • Period: to

    australian colonial period

  • 1790's

    The second fleet known as the death fleet arrived with enough food to end the horrible famine which was going on. I think australia has changed because of this event by more people didn't die of scurve.
  • 1800's

    After 12 years of "guerilla war" eora resistance fighter shot by 2 settlers. This changed australia because the eora was proberly angry at us for killing one of there people.
  • lachlan maquarie

    lachlan maquarie
    lachlan maguarie became govener of new south wales the first of the army to get appointed to the position of govener. This was a remacable acivement
  • 1810's

    govener lachlan maguarie arrives in nsw to reimpose goverment control. Maguarie astablishes proper colonial police force.Australia has changed because police is now around and if people can't get away with doing the right thing.
  • lachlan maquarie

    lachlan maquarie
    Govener lachlan maquarie opened a school for indigenous children to learn thing to survive and to become better people.
  • lachlan maquarie

    lachlan maquarie
    the govener lachlan maquarie first used the name of australia insted of terra australis.
  • lachlan maquarie

    lachlan maquarie
    govener lachlan maquarie resigns from his position as govener.
  • 1820's

    the british claim western australia and captin stirling lands at the mouth of swan river the whole continent is claimed by british.
    The effect of this is that the british now have the whole of the continent claimed as british.
  • 1830's

    governer bourke of nsw implements plan to make sure our religious denomentions recive funding that there will be no stste religion. this changed australia because you are allowed to be any religion you want.
  • 1840's

    the first elections for legislate council in nsw the colony is on the road to democracy and reprasenative goverment. this changed australia because australia is now under australia goverment.
  • 1850's

    the eureka stockade gold miners swear to the southern cross to stand for there rights and liberty. this changed australia because not as many were as poorafter the eureka stockade.
  • 1860's

    explora John macdonald stewart reaches the centre of australia. this change ausralia because we have discovered more land.
  • 1870's

    ned kelly and his gang at large. policemen shot, banks were robbed. this means thta lots of money of citizens is no longer there's and the police force not as big.
  • 1880's

    A ship load of chinese arrives on the afghanistan and are prevented from coming ashore. this changed aus because more people came and populated australia more
  • 1890's to 1901

    1890's to 1901
    the commonwealth is born and new zealand have joined the commonwealth. this changed aus because the commonwealtg is very important to australia and new zealand
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