Australia's growth as a Nation

  • Captain James Cook claims land.

    April 29th 1770- Captain James Cook claims possesion of the whole East Coast of Australia for the British Crown.
  • The First Fleet

    1 Jan 1778 Between 1778 and 1850, 806 ships of convicts were shipped to Australia from England. The first 11 of these ships are now known as “The First Fleet”. The fleet consisted of three store ships, six convict ships, two men o-war ships with a total of 756 convicts
  • Matthew Fliders navigates around east Austrtalia

    1 Jan 1803 Matthew Flinders was a navigator that sailed around the coast of Australia and was the first of many navigators to map the “unknown land”. The few land marks that were named are Mt. Lofty, Cape Catastrophe, Memory Cove and Kangaroo island.
  • Colonists assisted the Aborigines

    1813- Colonists, assisted by Aboriginal people, cross the blue mountains and create new hostilities as they pass through Aboriginal land.
  • martial law

    1824 Matial law is proclaimed in the Bathwest area whenseven Eueopeans were killed by Aboriginal people.
  • Colony in perth

    1829 A colony is set up in Perth, on the Southwest coast of Australia.
  • Port Phillip Bay

    1835 John Batman attemps to make a treaty with Aboriginal people for Port Phillip Bay.
  • South Australia colony

    1836 The colony of South Australia is founded.
  • Major campaign

    1838 Major Nunn's campaign
  • The developemt of the system

    1851 The developement of a system pastrol lessons in South Australia begins.
  • Dawson River

    1857 Aboriginal people attack settlers on Dawson River.
  • Kalkadoon

    1872 The Kalkadoon wars
  • ACT

    1886 The Victorian Aboriginal Protection Act
  • Federation of Australia

    1901 Federation of Australia
  • ACT is passed

    1905 The western Aboriginal act is passed