Australia In The 1960s

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  • Tram Crash that lead to the removal of Trams in Hobart

    Tram Crash that lead to the removal of Trams in Hobart
    a runaway tram crashed into another tram. Several vehicles, including a bus, were hit by the trams. A conductor was killed and more than 40 people were treated for injuries in the Royal Hobart Hospital.
  • Last Hobart Tram

    The last tram runs in Hobart before they are completely removed
  • Australian Recession

    Australian economy goes into a brief recession, due to a credit squeeze
  • Last Sydney Tram Runs

    The Last tram runs in Sydney as they begin to be fazed out by other more popular and less dangerous forms of transportation.
  • Coaxial Cable connecting Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney

    Completion of coaxial cable (A cable capable of carrying TV, Radio and internet signals) linking Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. This resulted in the rapid transfer of information and was the cornerstone of establishing national TV networks.
  • ABC First National Broadcast

    ABC First National Broadcast
    ABC uses the previous described coaxial cable for national live coverage of the Australian test cricket
  • Painted Bark Petitions

    Painted Bark Petitions
    The Yolngu people of Yirrkala in Arnhem Land send painted bark petitions to the House of Representatives asserting ownership of their land
  • Prime Minister Menzies Knighted

    The Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies becomes one of the First Australian people to be Knighted and one of the few Australians to be Knighted in History.
  • First National Broadcast of a Federal Election

    On the 30th of November, 1963, Australian Television stations broadcasted the 1963 Federal election all around Australia.
  • The Beatles Tour Australia

    The Beatles Tour Australia
    In 1964 the Beatles toured Australia. In Adelaide, the band was greeted by an estimated 300,000 people which is approximately one-third of the city's population. This was a major event because of the large effect that the Beatles had on all of Pop Culture in the 60s.
  • Australian Freedom Rides Take Place Across NSW

    Australian Freedom Rides Take Place Across NSW
    Freedom Ride, led by Charles Perkins, draws attention to racial discrimination across NSW. These Freedom Rides were inspired by the American Freedom Rides and slowly gained a lot of attention Across the country.
  • Australian TV station Channel TEN-10

    Australian TV station Channel TEN-10
    The now well known TV Channel, TEN-10, is established and adds a new Channel to the continuously growing TV in Australia.
  • St Kildas First Grand Final Win

    St Kildas First Grand Final Win
    The Australian Football club St Kilda wins its first and only grand final.
  • BBC Becomes an International Broadcasting Station

    BBC Becomes an International Broadcasting Station
    BBC becomes the first television station to transmit TV internationally and link Australia with overseas. BBC Accomplishes this using the commercial global satellite network known as Intelsat II
  • Last Australian Excecution

    Ronald Ryan becomes the last person in Australia to receive the death penalty and to be executed.
  • Australian Referendum

    The Australian Government holds a Referendum that results in 90% of people voting that Aboriginal people should be included in the Cense and allows the Australian Government to make laws for them
  • Release of the $5 note

    Release of the $5 note
    In 1967 the Australian Government releases the $5 note into the Australian economy
  • Aboriginal boxer Lionel Rose

    Aboriginal Boxer Lionel Rose becomes the world bantamweight champion after defeating Fighting Harada. This becomes a major Stride for Aboriginal and Indigenous people in the world of Sport.
  • Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    On July 24th, 1969, Australian TV stations broadcast the Apollo 11s moon landing to people across Australia and allow people to witness a major scientifical leap into the future.