Australia Goes All The Way

  • Invasion Of South Korea

    the invasion ofSouth Korea by the communistNorth in 1950
  • Period: to

    Events Leading to LBJ visiting Australia

  • Conference in Geneva

    Britain, France, Russia and theUnited States held a conference in Geneva to dealwith the wars in Korea and Vietnam
  • Bombing Raids Begin

    United Statesclaimed that the North Vietnamese had torpedoedits ships in the Gulf of Tonkin, so Americanbombing raids began in the North.
  • Australia Sends Troops

    Australia’sPrime Minister Menzies committed Australiantroops to fight by sending our 1st InfantryBattalion and HMAS Sydney to Vietnam
  • Total War Descends On Vietnam

    Australia’s military commitment toVietnam was trebled. Total war descended onVietnam as American troops poured into the Southand bombs rained down on the North.
  • L.B.J Arrives in Australia

    US President Lyndon Baines Johnson, popularlyknown as L.B.J., arrived in Australia in