By james s
  • Period: to


  • Britian defeats France in the 7 year's war.

  • James Watt invents a steam engine capable of powering industry.

  • The United States is born when the American colonies win independence.

  • The First Fleet arrives in Australia and establishes a British colony.

  • The French Revolution begins.

  • Samuel Morse develops the telegraph system for sending messeges.

  • Potato blight in Ireland causes widespread famine, leading to mass emigration.

  • Popular revolutions break out across Europe.

  • Australia's gold rushes begin.

  • The Emancipation Declaration makes slavery illegal in the United States.

  • The first telephone is tested.

  • Britain's Queen Victoria is proclaimed Expres of India.

  • France declares Vietnam, Laos and Combodia the 'French Indochinese Union'.

  • The First World War brings massive destruction to Europe