Austraila Federation

  • Biarer trouble

    The six Australian colinies in 1859
  • Colinies

    In 1860 there were six British coloines in Australia
  • United by Sport

    Australians were united in their passion for sport long before they were united as a commonwelth. The first Australian cricket team toured England in 1868.
  • The Idea of being Austraila

    But in the telegraph linked to the colonies,and the idea of being 'Austrailan' began to be celebrated in songs and poems.
  • Federation Faces

    The 1890s were filled with conferences, conventions, debates and referendums about Federation.
  • Discussed into Federation

    During the progress of the 1890's they discussed to join togther a federation.
  • Facts of Federation

    Convention in Melboure.
  • Talk about federation

    In the 1890s were filled with conferances, convertions debates and referdrums about federation
  • Actions Begins

    Conference of pro-federation group. Vote for federation.
  • Three lawyers were key figures

    The first draft of the Constitution was not passed by the colnial parliaments. A new committee rewrote it in 1897-98.
  • Drafting the Constituttion

    Convention. Qld didn't attend because they were against federation. New constitution was drafted.
  • The west joins in

    In Augest 1900 a referedum was held, and the people of westerion australia voted to join the commerwelth.
  • the creation of a nation

    in 1900 a delegation of five, plus an obser from wastern Australia, took the draft constilation to Londern
  • Life before federation (living on land)

    In 1901, most people lived on land or in cournty towns
  • the frist parliment opens

    the frist parliment opens
    The Grand seramony was held in the Exhibition building on 9th of May 1901, the duke of York, Queen Victoria`s grandson, proclaimed the Australin parliment open.
  • Parliment

    On the 9th of May 1927 Commonwelth Parliment first sat in Cambera in the provisinal (tempuary) Paliment house, which is now called old parliment house
  • Parties

    In the election of a coalition of the Liberal and countrys party in 1949.
  • Drafted the convstition

    Convention. Qld didn't attend because they were against federation. New constitution was drafted.
  • Aboriganal people

    Aboriganal people died in great numbers after 1788, they were killed by colinies or died of newly introduced diseses. The order of colinies got the smaller the Aboriganal population became.
  • Paliments first

    On the 10th of May 1988 Commonwelth parlement sat in teh new parliment house in cambera