Austalian Federation

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  • Period: to

    Australian Federation

  • British laws

    Six british coclonies in Australia.laws were made by the british parliment.
  • starting up

    Telegraph line linked colonies. Songs and poems about Australian identity.
  • Convinceing Colonies

    Premier of NSW Sir Henry Parkes convinces the colonies to federate.
  • own goverment

    Each colony wasable to select their own government, but the big decisions were still made in Britain.
  • reasoning

    in the 1890s, each colony sent representatives to special meetings called conventions, to try to agree about how to form a new federation.
  • Convention

    convention in melbourne.
  • Period: to

    own government

    Each colony was now able to elect their own government, but the big decisions were still made in Britain.
  • Constion started to be written

    convention in Sydney. The constion sstarted to be written. Representative read the constitrution.
  • lost intrest

    economic depression means the colonies lose interest in federation.
  • Getting There

    Confrence of pro-federation group.Vote for federation.
  • urges new convention

    A conference in NSW urges the colonies parliaments to hold a new convention to decide on a draft constitution.
  • new federation convention

    A special conference agrees to hold a new federation convention.
  • another federation convention

    A second conference in NSW renews calls for another federation convention.
  • New Constitution

    1897-1898 Convention. QLD didn't attend because they were against federation. New constitution was drafted.
  • Period: to

    New Constitution

    Convention. QLD didn't attend because they were against federation.New constitution ws drafted.
  • referendums are held

    referendums are held in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to approve the constitution. It is approvaled by all but NSW.
  • special election

    A special election called a referendum was held so that people in the colonies could vote. Queensland and Western Australia did not take part. New South Wales it did not get approved. The premiers met in 1899 to find ways of making every colonie happy.
  • capital city

    They desided that there would be a new capital built between Sydney and Melbourne, because they both thought they should both be the capital city.
  • changes to the constitution

    in January the premiers hold a secret meeting and agreed to several changes to the constitution. between April and July referendums were held in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, which a majority of votes say 'yes' to the bill. In September Queensland voters endorsed the constitution.
  • celabration

    at 11:30 they asembled in the streets for a parade. then in centennial park a person read queen vitoria's letter out loud to everyone.