Austalia Colonization

By sajudu
  • The Dutch Explor

    The Dutch Explor
    The Dutch explore Australia, but are attacked by the Aborigines.
  • First Voyage

    First Voyage
    The First Voyage of Captian James Cook around Australia.
  • JAmes Cook

    JAmes Cook
    James Cook sailed around Australia looking for new discoveries.
  • 2nd Voyage

    2nd Voyage
    The Second Voyage Of James Cook.
  • Last Voyage

    Last Voyage
    The Last Voyage of James Cook's exploration.
  • They Settle

    They Settle
    Prisoners settle in Australia, the penal colony.
    Fort Aurther,Tasmania sent the worst of the worst criminals to justice.
  • First Fleet Leaves

    First Fleet Leaves
    The ''First Fleet'' leaves England for Austalia.
  • Oppresssion of the Aborigines

    Oppresssion of the Aborigines
    Remaining Aborigines were moved to reservations and British government policy tried to destroy Aborigine culture all together.
  • Period: to

    Port Arthur, Tasmania

    Port Aurther was used as a prison for the European convicts that reoffended the law in Austalia after being convicted in England.
  • Boundaries

    Officials of the government created boundaries for the colonies that are still in effect today.
  • Segragated Australia

    Segragated Australia
    Segragation law were put in place and lasted many decades.