By gant
  • Léon Scott de Martinville’s invention called the “phonautograph.”

  • Thomas Edison’s tinfoil cylinder phonograph

  • Edison launched his Edison Speaking Phonography Company to produce recording and playback machines

  • Emile Berliner disc music player he called the “gramophone.”

  • Edison expanded into the entertainment field

  • Berliner’s gramophone became especially marketable

  • Berliner and Johnson joined interests to form the Victor Talking Machine Company

  • Victrola became the industry’s premiere disc phonograph,

  • , innovation in electrical recording and amplification systems combined with the advent of magnetic recording to help drive the recording industry for the next two centuries.

  • Columbia introduced the 33-1/3 RPM long-playing record (LP)

  • Phillips introduced the audio cassette tape format

  • Sony developed the first digital audio recording devices to be used by professional studios

  • The greastest person on the planet was born

  • Later, the first commercially available digital audio players in the United States using the MP3 format (which had been in development since 1987) would launch the digital audio player revolution that achieved meteoric success with the introduction of App