Aubrey Drake Graham

  • Drake still managed by Hip Hop since 1978

    Drake still managed by Hip Hop since 1978
    Drake is currently signed to Cash Money and Universal Motown Records. He is managed by Hip Hop Since 1978.
  • Aubrey Drake Graham was born.

    Aubrey Drake Graham was born.
    On Oct. 24, 1986 Aubrey Drake Graham Was Born. He Was Born In Toronto, Ontario.
  • October 4,1991 parents divorce

    October 4,1991 parents divorce
    Aubrey's parents divoreced when he was only 4.
  • Acting September 30,2001

    Acting September 30,2001
    Drake Attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institue For Highschool. he Learned How To Act While He Was There. He Became An Actress On The Show Degrassi. He Played A Character Named Jimmy Who Got Shot And Is Paralized From His Waist Down.
  • Music, February 19,2006

    Music, February 19,2006
    In 2006 Drake Released His First Mixtape Called "Room For Improvement".
  • July 31,2007,Lil Wayne

    July 31,2007,Lil Wayne
    The fist Time Drake And Lil Wayne Talked Was When Lil Wayne Called Him When He Was Gettin His Haircut At The Barber Shop. On The Phone Lil Wayne Invites Drake To Houston. There they Met Each Other.
  • First song with Lil Wayne

    First song with Lil Wayne
    In 2007 Drake And Lil Wayne Came Out With There First Song. "Man Of The Year"
  • Relationship

    In 2008, Drake spoke about his past relationship with Keshia Chanté on the second verse of his song “Deceiving”, referencing Chanté’s mother, Tessa, stating “when I say I’m serious, you claim your only teasing” and “What up Tessa? I love you like my own mama, and your daughters getting grown mama, and me, I’m just here working, waiting, patient for her to be ready for love and leave alone drama."
  • "Best I ever had" music video

    "Best I ever had" music video
    July 2, 2009 Drake premieres the video to "Best I ever had," directed by another mentor,Kayne West.
  • Blillboard top 100

    Blillboard top 100
    On July 4th 2009 Drake Landed Two Songs On Billboards top 100. The Greatest Thing About It, They Were Both In The Top 10. His Song Best I Ever Had Was Number 3, Every Girl Came On At Number 10.
  • So ar gone

    So ar gone
    On September 15 Drake Dropped A Album Called "So Far Gone". This Album #6 On Billboards Top 200 Albums. His Album Was Certified As Gold, And Had Over 500,000 Copies Sold In The USA1
  • Best I ever had performance

    Best I ever had performance
    Graham, who was performing on an already injured knee, fell on stage while performing “Best I Ever Had." With Lil Wayne in Camden, New Jersey. Graham underwent surgery on September 8, 2009 for a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. He was currently undergoing rehabilitation and was able to walk.
  • Nominated for 2 awards

    Nominated for 2 awards
    December 2,2009 Drake was nominated for two Grammy Awards-best rap solo perormance and best rap song-for "Best I ever had."
  • North American solo trek

    North American solo trek
    February 8,2010 Drake announces his first North American solo trek, which ran from April 6 through May 8.
  • First Award

    First Award
    On April 18 Drake One Rap Recorder Of The Year At The 2010 Juno Awards
  • Thank me later

    Thank me later
    On June 15 Drake Released Another Album, He Had 2 Songs Go On Billboards Top 100 And Be On The Top 10, Find Your Love, And Miss Me Ft Lil Wayne, When Drake Released His Album Drake Sold Over 447,000 Copies In The First Week. Drake Had Sold The Most Records Of Any Hip Hop Artist In 1 Week,