• Coming to america

    Coming to america
    French-ImmigrantsComing to America, John Roth , 500 settlers got there bofore Roth.Only 60 remanded
  • Arriving to Virgina

    Arriving to Virgina
    history-timelines.First americans to Virgina (most slaves)
  • Mayflower Returned

    Mayflower Returned
    history-timelinesThe mayflower returned bringing back more citizens
  • Indian's under attack

    Indian's under attack
    The idians were invaded and put under attack
  • British didnt want to pay taxes

    British didnt want to pay taxes
    history-timelines.British people were not willing to pay taxes, rebelled.
  • British trying to make money from american's

    British trying to make money from american's
    history-timelinesBritish made the taxes higher to make money for americans'
  • Angry mob

    Angry mob angry mob stormed through the town, to get there point across.
  • taxes

    taxes the taxes were raised
  • Gathering at congress

    Gathering at congress of the first meetings when congress all met together.
  • issac clavis

    issac clavis
    history-timelinesHad an imaganation that changed America forever.
  • 900 red coats leave for battle

    900 red coats leave for battle
    history-timelines.900 American soldier's leave for the battle not many survive.
  • 60 men

    60 men
    history-timelinesAmerican Soldiers didnt have much to work with but the brave soldier's left for battle.
  • Flag was designed Ross desined the first american flag
  • New british

    New british
    history-timelines.New british was formed, much "better " form.
  • fight against brittian

    fight against brittian the fight against brittian many people were helb captive.
  • crisis meeting

    crisis meeting
    history-timelines.Durining the crisis meeting, they discused many american problems.
  • declaration of independence signed

    declaration of independence signed the congress men, signed the declaration to decide how people should live.
  • british, new york

    british, new york
    New York invaded Great Brittan.
  • new york under fire

    new york under fire invaded New York, firing guns and going at war.
  • new york was ceased

    new york was ceased Brittan Ceased New York.
  • independence war

    independence war war was started, fighting for freedon of the the union.
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    history-timelinesThe American Revolution was started, very bad war.
  • american revolution comes to hault

    american revolution comes to hault
    history-timelinesAfter so many deaths, they decided to give up.
  • Washington's chance to end the war

    Washington's chance to end the war
    history-timelines.He didnt take the chnce to end war.
  • british are forced to surrender

    british are forced to surrender
    history-timelinesThe brittish are forced to surrender after being over powered.
  • modern era is born

    modern era is born modern era, changed america with technology and ways of living.
  • Eri Canal is built

    Eri Canal is built Eri canal was built to connect towns
  • Canal

    Canal Transfer town's start linking to eachother
  • Woman's protest

    Woman's protest protest against wage cuts
  • Millianore

    The word millianore was created
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    The cotton gin was created
  • Slave's

    Slave auctions are started, prices go way up
  • 50% of all cotton

    50% of all cotton
    America produced 50% of all cotton in the US
  • Woman start Working

    Woman start Working
    Woman start working in cotton mills.
  • Start of Technology

    Start of Technology
    Birth of technology
  • New York in Jeperdy

    New York in Jeperdy
    Of loosing the statue of liberty
  • Largest Funraiser

    Largest Funraiser
    Jpseph starts the biggest funraiser in American history, 121,000 donations enough to keep the state, New York
  • Statue of Liberty!

    Statue of Liberty!
    The statue of Liberty is desgned, By Gustauf Ifle.
  • Imagrants Migrate

    Imagrants Migrate
    Imagrants from eastern Irland, immagrate to America
  • Carrnage

    Andrew Carrnage figures out a new and simple way to make steal.
  • City's Growing

    City's are rapidly growing!
  • Brown leads the Slave rebellion

    Brown plans to steal all the weaponds in the south and lead a slave rebellion, But no slaves showed up.
  • Abe lincoln

    Abe lincoln
    Abe lincoln elected for president!
  • Abe lincoln

    He has already lost 2 elections, he hates slavery, and stuck to his belifs.
  • Abe elected!

    Abe elected!
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina
    South Carolina gets out of the union
  • States Formed

    States Formed
    Confederate Union formed
  • South forms an army

    South forms an army
    South formed a huge army, War between states/ civil war begins
  • Cival War

    Cival War
    Civil War begins
  • Telograph

    First time of mass communication
  • Middle War

    Middle War
    2nd battle Bull Run
  • Telograph

    The telograph first rd of mass communication
  • Sky Scraper

    Sky Scraper
    Sky scrapers are being built all over America
  • Bull Run

    Bull Run
    Mid War battle of bull run
  • Union

    Start of Region Union
  • Freedom

    Fights for slave freedom
  • Unknown Soldier.

    Unknown Soldier.
    First grave built for the unknown soldier
  • Postal Service

    Postal Service
    Allows soldiers to send letter's to home
  • War ends

    The war ends day/rock
  • Total War

    Sherman calls it totally war

  • Criminal Profile

    First attempt to build a criminal profile.
  • Furnous reaady to test

    The fornus was ready to be tested, it was a success, Carnage later became a millinare, one of the wealthest men in America
  • Reaveling of the light

    Edison revels the light!
  • Light Bulb

    Thomas edison invinted the light bulb
  • " Uncle Tom's Cabin"

    Harriet B. Stoe wrote this book, and it became a best seller.
  • Elevator!

    Odes invinted the elovater
  • Cities drowning in filth

    Cities were drowning in filth, of animal and human waste
  • Woman working.

    Alot of Woman are working!
  • telophone!

    The telophone was invinted!
  • Light,Light,Light

    18 million light bulbs are in use!
  • Air

    Air conditioner was invinted
  • Water running Low

    L.A. is running out of water.
  • Only 2 inch. of rain

    2 inches per year in rain only!
  • Sewers

    Every large nation has Sewers
  • Clothes

    23 billion dallors spent just on clothes!
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford invited a car that is afforadable, and Low cost.
  • Triangle work factory

    250 girls work, somone tossed a match in a trah can, and the whole building caught fire, 146 girls died
  • Production Line

    Ford invintes the production line
  • Great Migration

    Great Migration!
  • Red summer

  • Segragation

    There was no official segragation, but it was everywhere
  • Ghetto's

    The ghetto's are expanding
  • Bily Sunday

    Most favorite Precher in the country, belives alcohol is running the world.
  • Prohibition

    The prohibition is started
  • Modle T

    New modle T every 24 seconds
  • Driving Manuel

    Students Drives, leads the the creation on the drivig manuel
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine
    The washing machine was invinted
  • First black man elected to congress

    Oscar Duprise was gthe first black man elected to congress
  • Moonshine

    Moonshine begins to be ilegallly sold.
  • Nuclear wepons

    4.5 trillion atomic nuclear weapons
  • America at War

    America at War
    3 days after pearl harbor america is at war with japan
  • Suprise Attack!

    183 Jappenese bombers are headed towards Hawii
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Jappenese attack Pearl Harbor, leaving 1,178 hurt and 2,000 killed.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor under attack by Jappenese, 183 japenesse in Hawii another 100 follow behind.
  • Jeep

    Jeep created for war
  • B-14 Bomber

    B-14 Bomber
    B-14 bomber is used if it works the ways of war will be change for America, 50% of boms worked!
  • Drafting

    10 million Americans were drafted.
  • Blood donations

    Blood donations
    Start of blood banks!
  • Soldiers invade Europe

    54 million soldiers invade Europe,
  • Invading Europe.

    Invading Europe.
    15.4 million americans invade europe.
  • D- day

    70,000 troops invade France!
  • d-dayyy

    5,00 ships invaded Omanho Beach
  • Operation overload.

    Operation overload.
    S Europe allie troops operation overload, army, bday
  • expanding

    11,000 markets were built.
  • Gun and amo

    Msss gun and amo production, woman work in factories.
  • Manhattan Project

    Atomic Bomb
  • Technology

    American Technology changed the war of the world forever
  • Baby Boomers

    Baby Boomers
    Millions of children born all around the same time
  • Mass Production

    Mass Production
    Mass production of family houses
  • Segragation

    No army segragation!
  • " Hollywood Land"

    Hollywood Land, Becomes just Holly Wood!
  • Cars

    American's spent million's just on cars.
  • World trade Center

    Many Jets Crashed into The World trade center, killing hundreds of people.
  • Man on the moon

    Man on the moon
    JFK American man on the moon!
  • Apollo B

    Apollo B
    Man on the moon Apollo B